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Google’s Search Results Will Showcase Original Reporting

Google has upgraded its search algorithm to offer more importance to original reporting. Richard Gingras, the firm’s vice president of news, claimed that it must be simpler for users to find the source of a news story.

The decision might be an advantage for local news outlets who invest effort, time, and resources to show news before national networks or publications. Often when a bigger agency follows up with their report, that edition can pick up as much or even more audience as compared to the initial story.

“While we characteristically display the most comprehensive and newest edition of a story in results, we have made alterations to our products all over the world to showcase news that we see as important original reporting,” Gingras claimed. “Such news might stay in a highly noticeable place for a longer time. This prominence lets consumers to see the original reporting while also seeing at additional latest news alongside it.”

To assist fine-tune its method, Google upgraded its rules for the 10,000 raters who use the search results’ quality. They will be asked to offer the highest possible rating to news reporting which “offers data that might not otherwise have been recognized had the news not disclosed it.

Speaking of news, News Corp earlier claimed that it needs to offer people an option to Apple News and Google News. The media firm that controls HarperCollins and Dow Jones Newswires is operating on its own news aggregation platform, the media claimed. The service will be dubbed as, and take the form of both a mobile app as well as a traditional website. It will draw from a series of national agencies such as NBC News and The New York Times, as well as extra partisan news websites such as ThinkProgress and The Daily Caller.

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