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Work, Family pressure likely to impact heart health in women

Researchers realize that cardiovascular health is linked in some way to stress but have not been able to pinpoint the link so a new study was carried out to delve into this problem. According to the American Heart Association stress can affect other factors that enhance risk of heart disease like blood pressure and cholesterol. Workplace has been identified as a major source of stress. According to a review carried out in 2015 and published in Current Cardiology Reports which reviewed 27 studies found that work stress is associated to moderately elevated risk of stroke and coronary heart disease. But researchers left out an important person that has to balance demands of work and family life. According to a new research study published in Journal of American Heart Association examining that group in depth may help to identify and treat cardiovascular problems better.

As per World Health Organization cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of worldwide death. Cardiovascular health can be determined by seven metrics like blood pressure, diet, physical activity and also family stress and work. For this study, 11000 workers aged from 35-74 years across six states in Brazil were selected for sample that were from varied educational and work backgrounds. The study group had a large number of women participants and all were asked to fill out questionnaire to determine how their jobs affected family life and vice versa.

Their cardiovascular health was then calculated using varied lab test results, clinical tests and self-answered questionnaires. The analysis showed that men reported limited work interference with family and more time with leisure and personal time while women were worse off. Both sexes reported similar family interference during work. Women that reported frequent work-family conflicts had poor cardiovascular health scores. According to Dr. Gina Price of Emory Women’s Heart Center this could be due to women still feeling the need to do everything themselves.

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