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A Startup Plans To Have All The DNAs Flown To The Moon

Many of the biotech companies have turned crazy and shifted to building a pyramid on the lunar surface that can help store the DNA of every plant and creature on Earth. The idea may sound quite bogus but the companies have already set out to look for means to do so. The startup LifeShip is a San Francisco-based organization that is ready to help people wanting to have their genetic code flown to the Moon. However, this idea is expected to cost around $99 wherein a swab-based DNA kit will be used. In the next few years, the DNA samples will be collected along with other life-based code and stacked into a huge archive in a polymer. This synthetic amber is then expected to be shot to space.

There is a landing page named “Maximus Decimus Meridius” that is made available by LifeShip’s website to help people sign in and reserve a place for themselves on the Moon. The ancestry services are majorly planning to send the DNA samples they hold to the Moon to start the family tree right from the start. The basic goal of the company is to have a similar biosphere just like that of the Earth in space. LifeShip will expend the next 2 Years collecting its first batch of DNA, with the aim of transferring its payload on the Moon by somewhere around 2021.

Similarly, the Founder Ben Haldeman of LifeShip had earlier been a part of the project in his Masters wherein he had made optical instruments to discover amino acids in the soil of Mars. Following which, he developed a telescope to hunt new planets and star systems whether habitable or not. The basic goal of Haldeman was to find out how life expands instead of just relying on space, robots, and other space technologies.

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